We Launched a Newsletter! (and other news)

We created the first of a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of all the benefits you have with your plan so that you can take advantage of every benefit you deserve to get. There will also be news of what is going on in the Senior world that you may take advantage of, as well as a bit of Senior Humor to keep us happy as we deal with what some call the ‘Golden Years’. If you are interested in signing up to receive our newsletter in the future checkout the newsletter tab on our brand new website. 

First of all some news, we have moved into a larger office that will accommodate both Laurie and Martin so that we may better serve our friends moving forward. We are now in Suite 110 in the same building on North Avenue.

Secondly, Martin is undergoing a few surgeries in the first of the year and will be taking a medical leave until May, in the meantime Laurie will fill in for Martin as needed to help you with your concerns or questions. You can always get help by calling the customer service number on the back of your membership cards.

Martin & Laurie

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